Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Chocomilk98's official blog!

Hello guys!! This is the official blog of Chocomilk98! If you do not know who is chocomilk98, then maybe you might have stumbled upon us from i have no idea where, but anyways, just a small introduction of us :D

Chocomilk98 is a youtube channel for a trading card game that is very popular nowadays called CardFight Vanguard :D. This youtube channel is managed by our personal vanguard team, Team Bloo-D. Although we are not an active team and we do not usually go for team tourneys or single player tourneys, we do hang out at many card shops such as Dhoby Ghaut JCube and Thousand taste and Jurong East very often. =D. The only achievement our team got was a 4th place in team tourney because that is like the only team tourney we went for LOLS!

Anyways, what this blog will feature? Of course!! CardFight Vanguard stuff!! =D. After all, thats what Chocomilk is all about on youtube right? :D

But wait! There's more! After hanging out for a while together, Team Bloo-D got kinda hooked onto computer games >.<//. Thus, we have become crazy over MOBA games like Dota 2 and HoN, and we also  are trying to get into the European competitive scene of L4D2 if possible for asian servers to join =D. Thus, this blog will also be featuring strategy reviews of these games, and also we will be using fraps to video our game plays and posting it both on our youtube channel and here, so do look out for them!

Just a list of the games that we play,
- Dota 2
- HoN
- L4D2
- Starcraft 2

So please stay tuned for reviews, tips and guides on the games mentioned above!

What can you expect from our vanguard posts?
- Decklists
- Strategies
- Tips
- Deck Building Tips

There will be much more than just these stuff that are listed here! We might add in random competitions with prizes to be won once in a while to reward our loyal readers and thank them for their support! =D

We hope to gather your support guys! Chocomilk ftw!! :D

signing off - vanillamilk

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