Friday, 13 July 2012

BT-07 opened! Other random information =D

Hey guys! Sorry for the long-time-no-post thing LOLS! Apparently me and father milk has been playing Maplestory so we didn't really have much to update here. Of course, from the last poll we have done, most of you want to see a Narukami review, so it is as promised, our next post will be on Narukami!! Whether or not we are posting a deck list, it will be another thing, but we will be going through the main tactics and play style of Narukami, AND of course, we will be going through some ways to counter the deck!

Anyways, lets talk about BT07! Today, i opened a box.. lemme just summarise the box in a few words...


RRRs were total rubbish, okay maybe not total rubbish BUT :(..... emerald witch lala, guardian of truth lox and binoculars tiger..

RRs we had School Dominator Apt, Yellow bolt, Hearer of truth, Fire breathing Carrie, Magician of Quantum Mechanics.... pretty bad LOL

Everything in the above is for sale, so do comment below your offers and what you want :D might be making a great nature deck...just figuring out the play styles and deck list first :D As for fathermilk, he is playing Dark Irregulars, so we might be sharing his deck list!

There are also many other stuff that we are selling..
firstly, we have MANY MANY MANY copies of the AFA2011 flash deck (english) that was given out to us as a promotional item. Those who have been there will know what it is, for those who don't, the list is this.

These two come together! We have about 11 left that is sealed, so if you are interested, do comment!! :D

Also have a Red Kai Playmat for vanguard that is up for grabs! This is the one that cannot be exchanged anymore, i got it from AFA last year for 3 critical points :D. If you do not know how the playmat looks like, you can go and see our youtube channel. If i am not wrong, there is one video where i used that mat! :D
If you are interested, as usual, COMMENT RAWR.. repeating myself over and over again... LOLS but anyways..
this is our youtube channel, suscribe and watch our videos if you haven't! Do follow us as we will also be uploading deck reviews and box openings!! :D

see you guys soon~ ciao

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  1. Wen Yang here.
    Intending to take that Yellow bolt off your hands.
    How's $3 for it?