Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Finally back again T.T

Omg guys!!! Finally back again... after being addicted to Dota 2 and Maplestory, i decided to go to Dhoby one day and guess what, i'm hooked onto card games again.. LOL, this means money is gonna start flying again anyways...

anyways... in this post, i am gonna talk about some vanguard stuff and some yugioh stuff...
why yugioh you ask? its because i played yugioh once and really, it was pretty fun though its getting really money based now and i don't have money for yugioh >< vanguard ftw! however, my friends informed me of the new banlist, and when i saw it my eyes were like WTF? lol, anyways just something you need to know from the banlist..

> Future fusion
> Brionac

omg, my chaos dragons :( slowed again :(
but.... my inzektors...

> inzektor damsel ( ok.. still can )
> inzektor hornet ( WTF? NOOOO )

so there is the end of the inzektor era, where i used to check ocg shriek daily just to see 1st place inzektor in all the tourneys..

so whats the next meta? from what i see, hieroglyhps, still very very strong.. mermail..not bad....chaos dragons...hopefully... but no more inzektors <3 and of course hero variations, hero beat, arrive hero etc. :D

credits for this picture to

anyways, since i got back into vanguard too, might as well talk a bit on my deck. the new deck i am gonna play is aqua force! yes! aqua force. Father milk or austen as some of you know him tried to make spike force deck LOL, spike bros with aqua force, but failed like sh*t. guess this time, his tradition of throwing brakki into every deck he has failed.. ( he has a habit of throwing brakki into every deck except his MLB, which is how he made his first tournament winning deck, spike sisters, a mixture of CEO- SW Koko - Juggernaut Maximum - Brakki - Full Moon ) << give me a thumbs up for this deck LOL

aqua force, i am still considering on whether i should play hurricane or maelstorm, any suggestions? :D

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